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The idea comes from the desire to transmit knowledge on well-being and sports performance to as many people as possible.

The analysis of more than two million tests, performed on situational sports professional athletes, has shown that the most important, and directly correlated factor, with performance and prevention of injuries is the efficiency of sensory inputs.

By measuring the directly referred qualities to the motor response, everything that occurs downstream of the central nervous system (strength, speed, agility, endurance, explosiveness, etc.), and at the same time those that refer to some sensory inputs (vision, vestibular system , somatosensory system), it is highlighted that athletes who perform better and have less injuries had very high values ​​in sensory input tests, as a common feature, but did not always excel in motor response tests. On the contrary instead, athletes with very high values ​​of motor response, but low values ​​in sensory inputs, were more likely to have injuries and discontinuity in performance.

By comparing these data with realities other than sports and performance, mainly clinics specialized in neurodegenerative and acute diseases, we have had the confirmation that the training of sensory inputs is an important resource for the maintenance and recovery of a high level of well-being, mainly from the stimulation of brain plasticity.


Graduated with honours in Sport Science, he is one of the coordinators and developers of the ANTS project. He loves physical activity and nature, but also very passionate about technology, he is committed to the development of the ANTS Lab and the technological systems of the project.
Matteo Tognaccini
Graduated in Sports Science, he is one of the coordinators and developers of the ANTS project. He is very passionate about physical activity and health, spends part of his free time in the kitchen. Precisely for this hobby, he personally participates in the F&B management of the ANTS project.
Fabio Cipriani
Creator of Milan Lab, AC Milan’s high-tech interdisciplinary research center, Daniele Tognaccini has gained twenty years of experience within the “Rossoneri” club. During his AC Milan experience he has won 11 national and international titles. After his arrival in Milanello in 1998 as a strength and conditioning coach, he became project leader and then director of Milan Lab. Since 2012 he has been exclusively involved in the creation and development of well-being models related to data analysis. Since 2016 he has been the only Italian member of EPTS Expert Group, a team of FIFA experts committed to the innovation in the world of football.
Daniele Tognaccini