Our mission is to give you knowledge and useful information on how to improve and maintain your wellbeing.


Our activities focus on improving brain plasticity through the stimulation of the
sensory inputs.


Nature helps you to have powerful sensory experiences. Its continuous change stimulates you to be always ready to adapt to different situations.


A specific training that helps you develop a highly efficient body for the everyday life.


Your senses are a great way to stimulate your brain and keep it young and healthy.


How to maintain it for a long time with ANTS


“One of the key features for a healthy life. It’s a lifelong resource”

Brain plasticity is a peculiar feature of the cerebral neurons that allows them to change structurally and functionally according to need.

This property is crucial for the adaptability of the body, to keep on learning, to help memory, to develop and regenerate the brain. The latest scientific studies show that this property is not lost with ageing but is lost with the simple lack of the “right” stimulation.


“The right management of movement, nutrition and recovery is very important for your wellness”

Vital energy is the product of these three factors. If one of these elements has a value of zero, the final result will be zero; for example: if you eat well and make a lot of movement, but at night you don’t sleep, then your energy will decrease until it disappears completely. It is therefore necessary that your daily habits contribute to improve each one of these elements as much as possible.

The harmony between them all allows you to express the most of your vital energy.


“Nature helps you having sensory experiences that improve the plasticity of your brain”

Its continuous changes forces you to always be ready to adapt to different situations. People usually carry out their everyday life in environments without, or very little, nature.

At ANTS we do things differently: all of our activities are done in open air environments, exploiting our natural surroundings.

Being in touch with nature helps your brain receive powerful stimulation. The same results can’t be achieved by the same activities in “closed” environments. 

Nature is unpredictable and constantly changing, so it forces your body and your brain to remain plastic, adaptable and flexible.forces


“The best way to learn and improve yourself”

At ANTS you will have fun! biologically, fun is associated with the production of endorphins, commonly called the “happiness hormones”. These are the main hormones associated with a well-being feeling.

Everyone needs to have more fun in their life.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” – Plato


These are all the fun activities you can do at ANTS!

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Nature Trail

Jungle Up

Slacklines and Relax


Our classes

Every day at ANTS you’ll find classes held by our trainer that will help you do all the different activities

Let's run together in the beautiful natural trails of Tuscany
Oper air functional circuit for a total body workout
Enjoy and discover the suspension training on the Jungle-Up
Stretching class to increase flexibility
A fun and innovative training to improve your balance

access packages

Are you a norcenni girasole village guest?


This is what’s included in your stay!

  • Book and join the guided classes
  • Beach volley and Beach tennis courts with a special sand that doesn’t heat up even during the hottest hours
  • Functional training structure with innovative equipment
  • JungleUp, a new suspension training structure that simulates a jungle
  • Woodchips running track inside the local wood
  • Slacklines and relax area
  • ANTS Lab and gym equipment


Choose and buy your access directly at ANTS!


10 1 day
  • Access to the structures
  • Access to the beach courts
  • Book and join the daily classes
  • 20% on e-Bike rent


35 4 days
  • Access to the structures
  • Access to the beach courts
  • Book and join the daily classes
  • 20% on e-Bike rent


50 1 month
  • Access to the structures
  • Access to the beach courts
  • Book and join the daily classes
  • 20% on e-Bike rent


Enjoy a day of outdoor guided activities with an ANTS Trainer
Through fun and stimulating activities this experience will introduce you to our wellness philosophy



  • 9:00 Briefing and light breakfast
  • 9:30 Nature walk
  • 9:45 Functional circuit
  • 10:30 Jungle training
  • 11:00 Beach activities
  • 12:00 E-bike tour
  • 13:30 Blindfold lunch

Bike rent prices


Half day €30
Full day €50

e-City Bike

Half day €20
Full day€30

Discover the exlusive ANTS GOLD EXPERIENCE


Season closing 2020

For 2020 season ANTS services and structures at Norcenni Girasole Village will not be active.

For more information contact us or follow us on our socials.

Chiusura stagione 2020

Per la stagione 2020 il servizio e le strutture ANTS presenti a Norcenni Girasole Village rimarranno chiuse.

Per ulteriori informazioni e aggiornamenti contattaci o seguici sui nostri social.